Porsche starts taking reservations with deposits for the Mission E in Norway

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Porsche starts taking reservations with deposits for the Mission E in Norway

Post by Rob » Wed Apr 18, 2018 10:25 am

Here’s the email that they sent to Norwegian who showed interest in the car with the latest dealerships (thanks to Jim Roger Johansen):


Dear Xxxxx Xxxxxxx

You are listed on one of our dealers’ list of stakeholders for the production version of the concept car Porsche Mission E. Based on the great interest, we wish to confirm your purchase intentions through a pre-booking. If you wish to keep your priority in the queue, you will need to make a payment of an advance payment of kr 20,000, – by April 25th.

This is done through the registration page.

On the same page you will find conditions and relevant information about the reservation solution.

You have been assigned a priority code to ensure that you already listed on your reservation list keep your priority space in the queue. The code is personal and linked to your email address.

Your code is: xxxxxxx

Thank you for your interest in Porsche! Should you be wondering, contact your preferred Porsche Center. Contact information can be found on porsche.no

The concept car is mentioned here.

If you do not want to make a reservation but will be kept up to date with news around the model, you can register here.

With best regards,

Porsche Norway
While they’ve started taking reservations with deposit, Porsche hasn’t confirmed the actual price of the vehicle – though the deposit is refundable in case buyers are not happy with the final pricing.

Read more: https://electrek.co/2018/04/16/porsche- ... -e-norway/

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